Revolutionary synergy is created when higher-education and the community unite to tackle educational challenges and achieve common goals. The Global Classroom at San Francisco State University collaborates with both local and international communities in developing and sharing intellectual knowledge and educational practices. From conducting research to providing field services and workshops, the Global Classroom cultivates strong collaborative relationships and is committed to providing meaningful learning experiences for all.







“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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Our Mission

The Global Classroom embraces a community-based approach to tackling educational obstacles. We believe in building trusting and sustainable relationships with our individual, organization, and community partners in order to create learning environments that are equitable and have the ability to foster children’s social, emotional, and academic growth. It is our mission to empower students, families, and educators by providing them with the tools necessary to produce quality interactions and improve communication between all parties. Join us through one of our many modalities in creating and sustaining inclusive and increasingly holistic environments where students, educators, and families will be able to reach their full potential.


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Our History

With the formation of various community partnerships, what started as a cognition and educational psychology research lab has now transformed into an educational entity serving students and teachers around the globe. In the past 10 years, the Global Classroom at San Francisco State University has been supporting students' holistic development by (1) creating and sharing research-based social-emotional learning materials that can be implemented in educational settings; (2) providing field service in classrooms, professional development for teachers, parent workshops, and community-engagement activities; and (3) conducting needs assessments, research, and program evaluation to further support community-based outreach activities.


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Our Vision

Supporting social, emotional and academic growth must go beyond the classroom setting and actively involve all stakeholders - students, families, teachers, administrators, and the community. We aim to thoughtfully identify the needs and goals of students, implement research-based instructional materials and practices, provide teacher training and technical assistance, and deliver follow-up coaching and feedback based on our evaluation. With expertise in cognitive development, social-emotional learning, social-cognition and evaluation, it is our hope that the Global Classroom will serve as a provider for various institutions looking to expand connections and add research-based tools to their current work.


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