Our remote learning modules include both outside SEL videos and Global Classroom videos, featuring engaging informational lessons, embedded in a wide range of activities such as stories, arts, music, movement, mindfulness practice, and games. The instructors provide step-by-step guidance and offer questions and elaborations that are targeted to enhance children’s understanding of social-emotional concepts. For full access to all videos and materials visit the "Educational Resources" page. 

                                                Sample Video Module

Sample video module

                                  Sample Module Information Sheet


Sample video module information sheet




Our monthly newsletters to families will cover a range of topics in SEL along with tips and tricks for easy facilitation throughout the day. We will mainly focus on emotion knowledge, strategies for emotion management, mindfulness, and conflict resolution at home. Each newsletter will include an information section, an implementation section, and a fun game for family involvement. 

                                                                                                                         Sample Family Newsletter


Sample family newsletter