Tiffany Pascal

Tiffany's headshot

Tell us a little about yourself! 

Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I am a junior majoring in Psychology. I grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA and moved to San Francisco in 2011 to pursue a career as a Sommelier. After many years in the hospitality industry, I realized my true passion lied in psychology. I am back in school to finish my degree at San Francisco State University and I intend to continue my education in the areas of developmental and biological psychology.


What previous experience and/or interests made you want to join the Global Classroom? 

Last semester, I became a research assistant in the Family Interaction Lab under Dr. Cookston. Learning to analyze and propose new ideas from data has been a wonderful learning experience. After learning about SEL in Dr. Paik’s developmental psychology class, I was intrigued by the impact the Global Classroom had on children. I knew I wanted to join the Global Classroom because it provided me with hands-on experience, and I could bring my new skills from Dr. Cookston’s lab to the table. Teaching children SEL at a critical age can have a positive impact on their development for their entire lives. Knowing that I can work with a team and contribute to the well-being of children is what made me want to join the Global Classroom.


What is the best aspect about working for the Global Classroom? 

I really enjoy the collaboration of individuals who have different ideas, yet the same goal. It creates a supportive and positive environment where people can thrive.


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