Jae H. Paik, Ph.D.

Tell us a little about yourself! 

I received my Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Science from Indiana University in 2005. Before joining SF State, I was an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University for two years. My research focuses on the development of early mathematical concepts, comparison processes, language acquisitions, and social cognition. In my earlier work, I focused on how cultural artifacts and educational practices influenced children’s learning and development. In recent years, I have been particularly interested in translating research findings in educational settings while engaging with all of the stakeholders (e.g., children, educators, family, researchers) within the learning community.   


What previous experience and/or interests made you want to join the Global Classroom? 

My training in developmental psychology began back in college and most of my work has involved collaborating with and going into the PreK-5 schools or early childcare centers. Because of my research focus on the role culture plays on early learning, I am fortunate to have observed how children learn in diverse cultural settings. Even now, when I enter a classroom, I feel the sense of novelty and excitement for new discoveries. Every learning context is unique and I find the process of working with the members of each community (e.g., educators, researchers, parents, administrators and children) invigorating. The Global Classroom encapsulates this idea of experiencing, studying, and supporting a diverse learning environment. 


What is the best aspect about working for the Global Classroom? 

There are many great aspects of being a part of the Global Classroom. If I had to choose, it would be the community building events. Not very often, but there have been few times where SFSU faculty, SFSU students, PreK-5 teachers, children, parents, and even grandparents got together for community building activities. It is truly humbling and rewarding to experience the communal spirit.


For further information contact Dr. Paik at: jaepaik@sfsu.edu